Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Labour Room Experience 2013


Pengalaman bersalin di Pantai Medical Centre, Klang.

September 9th, 2013.

I had an appointment with Gynea, Dr. Tricia at 10am. It was just a weekly check up as my baby now had reaches 39 weeks age. Unfortunately, my hubby was having fever. So we went to Klinik Anis Pelabuhan Klang first, let my hubby get medicine and MC. Then, we drove to Pantai Hospital, Klang.
If you used with the procedure of pregnancy check up at private hospital, you know that the Gynea will normally (or perhaps definitely) scan your baby for each visit. Same procedure went to me. (Kalaulah saya tau dari awal, tak ada lah saya scan dekat Pusat Bersalin Barakah. ^_^). The Gynea asked about my health status, whether I had experiencing any contraction or any bleedings or any weird discharge at vagina? All my answers were, "no".

Then she replied "Tak ada tanda-tanda. Macam lama lagi nak bersalin ye?" I smiled. Since it was my first pregnancy, I had no idea to say.

"Come, Doctor nak tengok bukaan cervix. **feeling pain for a while** Dah buka 2 cm. Some people bila 2 cm dah sakit, tak boleh jalan." I felt proud of my self sekejap. Hehe.

"You nak Doctor pecahkan air ketuban tak? Kalau Doctor pecahkan, you mesti bersalin hari ni. Atau you nak dia pecah sendiri?" Air ketuban refers to the amniotic fluid. It can get ruptured naturally or by doctor.  Once it gets ruptured, mother has to deliver the baby within 24 hours. In most cases where mothers want to deliver baby naturally, they will let the fluid rapture naturally. But this is unexpected. It can be few weeks before the due date or a week after the due date.

I looked at my hubby. He said "Ikut sayang la." If you had this experience (of expecting the 1st baby), you would feel the same as mine - tak sabar nak tunggu baby lahir. Plus, I had no experience and I kept thinking, what if I feel the contraction when my hubby is not around? What should I do if the air ketuban ruptured. Would I get panic? And if my hubby were at home but it happens at midnight, could we reach hospital on time? And so many worries.

So I replied to the Gynea "Boleh la. Doctor pecahkan."

"Ok, be ready untuk masuk ward. Lepas air ketuban pecah, cervix is expected to dilates 1 cm for every 1 hour." Wasn't it sounds so pleasant? I will give birth on Sept, 9th instead of Sept, 16th which falls on Malaysia Day. It's ok lah tak dapat baby Malaysia Day. The excitement made me forgot that my hubby was having fever... To be continued...

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