Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Midnight Post!


It's almost 2 in a morning and it's too bad I still can't sleep. So, thinking of sharing something good at this midnight, the story of goat's milk came across in my mind.

Well mommies, have you ever tried feeding your baby with goat's milk? I know some may still having the awkward feeling towards goat! Goat is smelly, goat is not good for our diet, goat contains high calories, goat is not that commercial, goat is expensive and so much more ridiculous excuses. 

I was thinking the same too. 

When AD was born, I was so excited to be the best ummi (means mother) in the world. I wanted to give him the best though I was just a stay-at-home mother. I wanted to see him grow healthy and become a good son, with Allah's will.

Alhamdulillah, AD has been a very good son, good boy and good grandson. Thank you Allah, for granting me with breast milk. I enjoyed direct breast feeding him. I rarely pump unless when I had to leave him for an interview.

Then I realized AD had eczema. Not too serious but we can see the rashes obviously on his cheek, scalp and a little at the back of elbow and knee. So, I continue feeding him with my milk of course, mothers milk is the best milk.

Then... I got a job offer. I've been waiting this for years! AD at that time was 10 month old. I had no choice but to leave him with formula milk (pumping milk at the office is definitely not a good practice for a new hire).

The story began here. I started formula milk with Snow - his poo poo routine changed, he had diarrhea and the kulit on the diaper was melecet (forgive me I have no idea to write it in English). Then, we changed to Dumex Mammil because it contains prebiotics but it didn't heals. We tried S26, no changes. So we tried soy milk - Isomil. Alhamdulillah, he can digest it. No more diarrhea, his poo poo routine back to normal and no melecet. Then only I knew my son is actually having lactose intolerance, in which people say it relates to eczema.

He consumed Isomil for about 5 month. After so long, my milk production wasn't as much as at beginning. So his antibody lower, he tends to get fever easily. It was too frequent, up to 4 times in a month and I can't stand it anymore. 

I have some balance of Hiraq's goat milks in the cabinet. Yes, it was for adult, but I wanted to try it to AD since he has already around 1 year and 2 month old. I made it very light, just to see whether he likes the taste or not. Yes, he liked it! I told you he's been a very good son.

So then we bought the formulated goat's milk for his age. We bought Mummylicious Goat Milk's Original flavor for Kids. It's very affordable, RM59.90 for 800g. Alhamdulillah to my surprise, AD is now hardly gets fever. He can stay active all day long, sometimes skip routine of sleeping on day time, tumbuh gigi geraham or even vaccinated.

That's my baby. Thank you, Allah.

If you wish to purchase the milk, you can send sms/whatsapp at my mobile no 017-3725715. It came in several flavors. May suitable for 6 month and above baby and also adults. I can give consultation to you. Please don't call, just sms/whatsapp. 

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